What her clients say

Mary provided the highest level of professionalism, and sound, prudent guidance with grounded business acumen that was compelling and thought- provoking- thank you!
Senior Executive Technology

Gently challenging and uses right balance of theory and practical tools. Through insight and prompting helped me come up with my own strategies, challenged me to think of alternatives. Receptive and responsive to my mood and concerns.
Change Manager Media

Mary was exceptionally good at keeping the focus of the workshop brilliant training skills.
HR Practitioner Media

We received a great session from Mary on Myers Briggs. It was both informative and hugely beneficial to the team and has given us much food for thought and provoked action around how we can best enhance team performance.
As our MD put it - money well spent!
Senior Executives Telecoms

It was a very good session, well paced for our group, practical and with lots of time for us to think about the implications within our own settings. There was a real buzz as we continued to discuss the issues raised later in the evening.
Participant at a Career Development workshop

Mary's style is fair, open and honest not judgemental. Her workshop was interesting and thought provoking.
Senior Executive Tourism